Sunday, 9 March 2014

There's A Crack In Everything

 Back in the ancient years of 2012 before your grandmother's dentist had heard of L.I.E.S and 'outsider house' was just a description of where you parked your car when visiting your sister, an album called Cruise Forever came out on Public Information that still remains an oddity of fuzzed out, transnational grooves. It showed much promise for an artist who could of easily capitalized on the hype and press that he got at the time but instead chose a completely different path, one of complete silence. While the rest of the world caught up with the sound and turned the esoteric into the norm, Cesaer seemed to have been skulking away, waiting for the right moment to return. It's welcome news then to see then that he starts 2014 with only his second ever release. There's A Crack In Everything is a three tracker released on Anthony Naple's blooming young label Prohibito. It further develops Cesaer's idiosyncratic sound and sees him toying with a fucked up take on sultry house music.

Over these three tracks he seems to deconstruct soulful, deep house with heavy emphasis on looping and EQing as an instrument. The music sounds like a fusion between the cracked soundscapes of people like Actress and Bandshell with the broken house of Detroit wizards like Theo Parrish and Kyle Hall. Yep is a fragment of a song that sounds like a DJ taking out the low end, working the crowd for a drop that never comes. It's a piece that works with suspense in the same way that classic Errorsmith tunes did, by contradicting your expectations of where the music is going to go. Slink is a blissed out piano number with loops that seem to slowly flow in and out of sync with each other, but still manage to remain in a kind of messed out harmony. The tune is encased in an Eternal Sunshine style hypnagogia and is reminiscent of a broken memory of a partly remembered house tune of which only the main melody can be recalled. The last tune 1 Year is the most dancefloor friendly cut. It features a main vocal lick that manages to be both uplifting and incredibly sad and seems to recall that bittersweet feeling of a closing tune. Even though this is only Cesaer's second release, it already shows an artist who has developed a recognizable sound and leaves much promise for what hopefully will be a more productive year for release schedule.

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