Thursday, 13 February 2014

Timid Ocean Drawings

I'm a big fan of Dasha Rush and her imprint Fullpanda who set a consistently high standard for futuristic, experimental techno. She's starting 2014 on that same bar with her new release Timid Ocean Drawings. Destined to be released on the Dutch Label Deep Sound Channel that has previously seen releases from Tripeo and Milton Bradley's acid techno project Alien Rain, her new work seems like the perfect fit for this up and coming label. The a side Ocean Shy is an angelic piece of ambience that serve as an emotional closer, leaving a crowd to go home with misty eyes. When techno producers create more leftfield works, it seems the norm that they carry on techno's intrinsic crepuscular qualities into washes of dusky soundscapes. So it's interesting to see a producer take the more hypnotic, trance side of techno and reframe that through Hecker-esque lens. On the flip, Ocean Sharp carries on where Ocean Shy left off but reframes the mood for the dance floor. Similar to the flashes of light that appeared in Marcel Fengler's 2013 album Fokus, this is a refreshing piece of techno would shine above a set of dark, brooding techno and would twist the minds of an open minded 4am audience. Lets hope both Dasha Rush and Deep Sound Channel carry on this high quality throughout the rest of year.

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