Thursday, 13 February 2014


If you needed some cheering up in this dreary and soaked winter that seems to have the whole country blaming everyone and everything bar the actual weather, Mumdance is right here to add a ridiculous grin to your miserable fucking faces. Released on DJ Haus' excellent Unknown to the Unknown imprint, both tracks of these featured on Mumdance's Twists & Turns mixtape last year. The a side and title track is a joyous slice of electro influenced grime that sounds like Rustie at his most restrained. Candy synths push the song along with smooth sub bass twists and turns underneath. Sounding like a Sabre song filtered through the hardcore continuum, only the most bitter hearted Brit would fail to be left without guiltless ripples of glee running throughout their heart and soul. The b side seems to filter through the same emotions but instead of using electro's chiseled beat this is more like a jungle roller. With similar seratonin synths, a battered pinch of a main melody and water droplets this is a great deal more weird than plenty of professed 'outsider house' tunes that seem to be omnipresent at the moment. Let's hope the rain stops soon so we can all go back to having lots of fun.

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