Thursday, 6 February 2014


Anything Peter Van Hoesen related is always welcome in these ends so you can imagine my joy when news seeped in about his forthcoming release on Curle. His live album Life Performance was one of the highlights of 2013 and he starts 2014 off to a similar standard. Outlands is a steppy, trippy number that would fit nicely in any adventurous techno DJ's bag. Three Circles is in a similar vein, and probably my favorite of the two cuts. A cheeky synth main line twists and permeates throughout the track, revealing different qualities of itself as the song progresses. Both tunes are coupled with a light hearted and surprisingly fun drum track underneath that makes this release a breath a fresh air amidst the depressing, mournful sludge of exactly 92% of modern techno releases.

Outlands EP is out on February 17th on Curle Recordings. You can listen to the two cuts here.

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