Friday, 21 February 2014


natural/electronic.system - Clubberia 043 

This ones a few years old but I've probably listen to this more than anything else this week. Natural/Electronic.system are a duo from Napoli that specializes in the kind of psychedelic dance that the Italians have become known for. What we have here is a 2009 recording from their performance at Labyrinth and it's a special one. A collection of deep, hypnotics grooves that flirts smoothly from house into techno and back again, joining the dots in a unique and organic way.

Samuel Kerridge  - 20 Minute Live Set

A Fallen Empire was one of my favorite albums of last year so you can imagine how far my pupils dilated when I saw a short preview of what a live Samuel Kerridge performance is going to sound like on the Fabric soundcloud. Kerridge is one of the most interesting artists to traverse the noise/techno landscape that has become inimitable recently. Over the first 10 minutes he brings the beats in and out of focus until the 11th ,when all hell breaks loose with something that sounds like a distorted, fucked up Dino Sabatini tune.

Floating Points  - You're A Melody #2

Floating Points in one of those DJs where you would do incredibly naughty things to get even a tenth of their record collection. When you see him live or listen to a mix, you know as a certainty that you're going to hear things from the musical spectrum that you've never heard before and probably will never hear again. As the name suggests, this is the second long form set of obscure soul that was recorded live at the London institution Plastic People. One to soundtrack a lazy hungover Sunday.

Galcher Lustwerk - Boiler Room

Lustwerk's Blowing Up The Workshop mix quite rightly got a ridiculous amount of press and critical acclaim last year, topping the RA's mix of the year poll. It was a unique hour of silicious house grooves that added a bit of romance to the house scene of the present. This recording of his New York Boiler room is a fine selection of leftfield house, ghetto bangers and Lustwerk's own tunes. Look at all those hats in that room, all those beanies.

Pearson Sound - Solid Steel Radio Show 21/2/2014

Whereas Kennedy's RA mix was an introspective rolling selection of sub bass heavy steppers, this mix is shows a rougher and noisier side of his collection. The interesting aspect about him as a DJ and to a certain extent, the rest of the Hessle crew, is that they manage to tred the fine line between dance floor approachability and chin scratching IDM. Never do the beats feel too complex or testing, yet there never seems to be a standard 4x4 route. Using both expert selection and sequencing, Kennedy manages to turn rhythmically complex beats into muscle twisting stormers. Apparently this one has plenty of unreleased dubs so put your train spotting anorak on to get a preview of where the future is heading for Pearson Sound.

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