Thursday, 27 February 2014


Kangding Ray - Secret Thirteen Mix 108
There are various ways to approach a mix. A collection of unreleased material and dubs is a great way to get the listener count in. A showcase for your approach in a club can be the equivalent of a business card, showing punters what they can expect when they hear you play out. Or you can take a more considered, home listening approach and create a mix for people to put on in the background while going about their monotonous, grinding daily chores. Kangding Ray seems to come from a completely different world with one of the most eclectic and eye grabbing track lists you'll see all year. As a brief example that's indicative of the whole mix, the first three tracks goes from African music to the voodoo sounds of Rrose straight into a cut from Bristollian collective Young Echo. The rest of the mix goes through Jon Hassell, Marcel Dettmann, Autechre, and even fits in time for the wail of Drake. It's unlikely you'll here a mix like this for a while.

Kowton - Ilian Tape Podcast Series 010
Kangding Ray's mix approached eclecticism through contrast and difference, Kowton instead looks for similarity. Kowton and the Livity Sound crew have honed a unique take on British dance music that is as indebted to house and techno as it is to soundsystem culture. His mix for the Ilian Tape Podcast Series highlights this by opening with a classic cut from Baby Ford and then proceeding to delve into UK Funky, a L.I.E.S tune and new cuts from himself, A Made Up Sound and Pearson Sound. What's impressive about this mix is that Kowton chooses cuts from a variety of different scenes and places them together into an aesthetic that perfectly fits with the Livity sound. It's also worth checking out this mix just to hear A Made Up Sound's wicked mix of Velez.

Mr Mitch - Dummy Mix 199
I'm by no means an expert on Grime and it's history so I'm not going to try and discuss how Mr. Mitch fits in with that legacy. However, what he and a lot of the current instrumental grime producers have been doing over the past couple years has been something that I've really connected with. This mix featuring tunes from Murlo, Rabit, himself and plenty others. It's a fantastic journey through what was described brilliantly in a recent Quietus interview as 'Grime in Zero-G'.

Peter Van Hoesen - Curle 25 (Continuous Mix)
Back in the grand old days of 2010, techno's own Peter Van Hoesen mixed the 50th mnml ssgs podcast that shined a light on the slower, housier side of his record bag. It's this ground that he treads for this mix celebrating the Curle025 label compilation. While it's a little more beefed up than the ssgs mix, it still shows a more reserved side to Van Hoesen, who's sets can be some of the most intense things you'll here in a club (His 4 and hour recorded mix at Berghain is one of my all time favorites). This one is an hour of classy, expertly curated house, techno and electro featuring Conforce, E.R.P some exclusive edits from the man himself.

Weight & Treble - Electronique 233
Up and coming Italian duo Weight & Treble have recorded the newest Electronique podcast and it's a brilliant collection of synth music, old dub techno and early electronic experiments. The best ambient and beatless mixes manage to put together collections of sounds that perfectly balance and compliment each other. Weight & Treble attain this by curating a selection of idiosyncratic and odd sounds that progressively get heavier until it ends on a surprisingly banging Daphne Oram tune. If you want a mix that surprises and challenges, this is one for you.

DJ TLR - Electronic Explorations 204 'Jungle Mix'
If his guest mix on the Hessle Audio show wasn't enough to proof that TLR's taste are far broader than the kind of weird house & disco that his label Creme Organisation has become synonymous for, here's an 80 minute jungle mix to silence any doubts. The newest installment of Rob Booth's seminal Electroc Explorations podcast series shows the Dutch label boss in top form with a selection that someone like Randall would be proud of. With breakbeats coming back into fashion, this is a excellent mix for someone to get introduced to the history of those sounds.


  1. Great blog, keep up the good work. The Kangding Ray mix looks too eclectic for its own good but I might pluck up the courage one day. The Kowton mix on the other hand looks promising. His Sonotown podcast from 2013 was one of the mixes of the year for me.

    1. Thanks for the kind words!

      That Kangding Ray mix is definatly worth a listen. It's more of an 'art piece' than a mix in the traditional sense (i.e. one that would work in a club). His mnml ssgs mix is worth checking out too

      Yeah Kowton is always on point with his selections. Remember seeing him out in January and he played lots of old grime and DMZ stuff. Easy kicks