Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Mix Me Up

Ben UFO  - Rinse FM 6th February 
I love Ben UFO. It's no secret that he's a fucking brilliant DJ with selections that are wet dreams for any proper heads. His and Pearson Sound's weekly Hessle Show on Rinse have long been one of the mot exciting weekly events in dance music. Each week they manage to russle up something new and surprising playing house, techno, grime, electro, reggae and plenty of leftfield weird shit that leaves you gagging for ids. This recent one is no exception. Billed as a warm up for their vinyl only party in Leeds, this one is another fantastic selection of contemporary dance music that should be heard by anyone with an interest in this music.

Bill Kouligas & Mat Dryhurst - Berlin Community Radio
If the crowd attendance at the recent Boiler Room V&A takeover is anything to go by, PAN seems to be the go to fashionable experimental label at the moment. Which would only be a fatuous problem if it weren't for the consistently high quality of music put out by the Berlin based Label. This mix by label head Kouligas and Dryhurst is a collection of sound art, noise, synth music and the weirder ends of dance music is a great showcase of what the label is doing at the moment.

Eric Cloutier - Live on Studio-R 12.26.13
Eric Cloutier is one of my favorite DJ's and one that seems to sum up what I want to do with this blog. His mixes seem to fuse the dark, holistic house of New York producers like Fred P and Levon Vincent with the more psychedelic techno of Dozzy, Milton Bradley etc. This is a mix of those kind of sounds mixed seamlessly over the course of the two hours.

Norman Nodge - Slam Rado 70
Everyone in the world seems to know about Berghain now. Sex and drugged filled stories dominate any conversation about the Berlin club.. Even Rolling Stone got on it and recently published an admirable article that completely missed the point. Of course all of those myths are wild hyperbole that seem to forget what actually makes the club so great. The music and the residents. To put it simply, Berghain is a great club that plays hosts to some of the best contemporary DJs around on a wicked system with an open minded crowd. But it's their residents that makes it really special. Norman Nodge often is left behind in people's imagination after people like Dettmann, Klock and Fengler. But I've always thought that Nodge personifies the imagined Berghain sound ore than any other resident. People like Dettmann and Klock are great techno selectors yes, but they inflict their sets with a groove, often playing darker house tracks and other leftfield oddities. But Nodge has this flat, industrial metronomic way of mixing that seems more at home in the clubs cavernous, sweat drenched walls that pretty much anyone else.This set is a great example of that style and should hopefully remind people that Berghain isn't some romanticized sex drug haven, but a club with fucking great DJs that play fucking great music.

Chris Ssg - A Colourful Storm 40
A delightful mix of modern synth and older ambience with some unexpected left turns throughout. Any mix that has something from Jon Hassell's seminal album Dream Theory in Malaya is defiantly worth a bit of introspection over a herbal tea, particularly on these rainy, stormy days over here.

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