Monday, 10 February 2014

Former Selves

Former Selves is an ambient synth project from Oakland. A release on Sicsic tapes called Calicto Sunset was the first release that caught my eye, being a collection of dreamy, twilight new age that shares comparison with the very best by someone like Pulse Emitter. While synth tapes are by no means an endandagered species at the moment, Former Selves stands apart from the rest for their tasteful curating and pacing. Never does the music seemed forced or over sentimental. Their most recent release Sunyata is another excellent collection that seems like a sadder, colder version of Calicto. This great project deserves the same recognition as other star-gazers like Motion Sickness of Time Travel, Panabrite and Outer Space. All their releases are available to purchase on Bandcamp.

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