Friday, 14 February 2014

Electronic Love

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, thought I'd run down some of my favorite electronic lurrrve songs to warm the cockles of your romantic raver's hearts. In a genre that is stereotyped as cold and artificial, there's a surprising amount of amorous beats that would smooth over even the most hostile and violent of candle lit restaurant dinners.

The Other People Place - It's Your Love

An electro classic with a bassline that would soften even most robotic heart. James Stinson was never more at his most open and vulnerable then in this song.13 years on and it still sounds like it comes from the future.

Cio D'or - Goldbrokat

Techno has never been one to show it's heart that often, but when it does it can rival even the most heartfelt Al Green song. This isn't an obvious love song, but when those pianos come in half way through who can deny the romance in that.

 Head High - It's A Love Thing (Piano Invasion)

Shed has always been one never too hesitant to show his heart. This classic by him is more of an ecstasy soaked sonnet to rave's early history than a love letter to that special someone.

Dntel - Dream Of Evan And Chan (Superpitcher Kompakt rmx)

A twee, post-millennial heartache. This tune shows all the potential in what minimal could and should of been.

Mr & Mrs Dale - It's You (New York - London Mix)

A classic house tune with a sumptuous bassline. That deadpan vocal delivery is one of the sexiest things in house music.

N.O.I.A - True Love

A cheesy Italo Disco classic. The way the main vocalist manages to caress her voice around the word love is spine tingling. My true luuuuurve.....

Kristine Blond - Love Shy (Tuff Jam's Classic Vocal)

A garage classic that manages to channel all the traditions of female garage vocalists into one gooey, mushy love anthem that sounds like audio candy.

Los Angeles T.F - Magical Body

A Tropical disco sonnet for the latin lovers.

Casco - Cybernetic Love

A love poem for two robots in the 25th century.

Levon Vincent - I Owe You Everything

Levon Vincent at his most sincere and heart breaking with a breath taking vocal. How auto tune should be used.

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