Monday, 10 February 2014

Down with the Mood Hut

Mood Hut has been killing it recently. Their past three releases have pure fire and they're back with their fourth slice of wax this week. Pender Street Stepper's Bubble World features three delicious slices of hazy house music that fits in perfectly with previous releases from Ttam Renat, Aquarian Foundation and Cloudface.

One of the most impressive things about this up and coming Vancouvian label is that they already have such an individual and definable aesthetic. Seeming to take all the good things about the best Perlon records (the idiosyncratic sounds, ambrosial melodies and hypnotic grooves) but showcasing them through the current L.I.E.S, Trilogy Tapes, Creme climate. I'm normally reticent to use this word to describe music, but the most suitable adjective I can think of is cute. This music is hypnogogic in a lazy sunday morning, sun drenched bedroom kind of way. Their recent Boiler Room showcase is a great introduction to this sound. As well as playing plenty of exclusive Mood Hut tunes, they fit in the fantastic DJ Sprinkles remix of the The Mole, an Elgato record and this classic from Tayuka Matsumoto amongst plenty of others. Whilst a lot of current house music are in the lineage of The Bunker, Creme and other dance wierdos, Mood Hut seems to be in the very best tradition of the classic microhouse labels such as the previously mentioned Perlon, Playhouse and Dial. And as someone who's route into 'serious' dance music was through old Villalobos tunes, this is a sound I will hold very dear.

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