Saturday, 8 February 2014

At Disconnected Moments

I just wanted to write a quick post on STL's fantastic new album. While the dub techno scene has long lost it's freshness and ability to self-evaluate, Stephan Lauber has managed to constantly say new things within the strict confines of delays, hiss, washes and Basic Channel deification. This is Lauber's fourth release for Smallville and first album released outside of his own Something label. The Hamburg label is a perfect for Lauber as he approaches dub techno in a similar vein to how other Smallville affiliated artists approach deep house (Moomin for example). Introspective, misty vibes are abundant throughout, with hazily EQ'd percussion and porous synths. This album is a perfect companion to England's recent weather escapades; one to listen to on headphones while traversing the rainy streets of a city. And If you needed any reminding, Silent State still sounds as fucking excellent now as it did in 2009.

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