Thursday, 6 February 2014

Aquaplano Sessions

I normally try and stay away from musical deification, that being the refuge of the acne covered classic rockists and dusty, murky Miles Davis fan-boys. It doesn't fit the communal, largely singles based world of club culture. Saying that, there's no one that gets my legs weak and head spinning quite as much as Donato Dozzy. He's spent his career forging a path of idiosyncratic psychedelic techno that's as much indebted to Pete Namlook as it is to Plastikman. As someone who got into this culture through 90s trance, I immediately recognized what Dozzy was trying to say sonically. While it would be a stretch to say that his music sounds anything like an Eye Q track, they share similar audio signifiers. Dark, pulsating beats are juxtaposed by organic, often euphoric sounds over the top that when heard on a proper system easily sends you out of your mind in ecstatic bliss. This is 'trance' with a lowercase t; pure drug music without an intoxicate.

One of the highlights of his back catalogue are two pieces of wax released in  2008 and 2009 in collaboration with fellow Italian Nuel. 'Aquaplano 000' and 'Aquaplano 111' were an extremely limited release at the time and have since been sold second hand for extortionate prices on Discogs. Luckily for us, the always on point Spectrum Spools has decided to reissue them as an individual album, both on CD and double LP. Over these 8 songs Dozzy & Nuel explore acidic techno, beatless soundscapes and Drexciyan electro, whilst maintaining an consistent aesthetic throughout it all; one that could only of come from these two extremely talented Italians. A year after these releases first came out, Todd Burns wrote an excellent piece on the Italian techno scene. At the end of the article he discusses how this sound was influencing the wider techno scene of the time. When I listen back to these recordings and think about some of the insipid noise shit that seems to be infecting the current techno scene, it's hard not to think that this could be some of the most vital music that the scene needs at the moment.

The Aquaplano Sessions will be released on March 3rd. It's also worth checking out Dozzy's Bleep43 mix that features some of the tracks on this release.

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